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Jitendra Megh

Jitendra Megh popularly known as Jeet is the founder & CEO of FTVWORLD. He has diverse work experience and background since 1990, ranging from events organising, show direction & fashion show choreography, audio-visual direction, script writing, cinematography, fashion photography & music production. His vision & mission is to promote corporate brands through his event IPs. He provides opportunity to young talents as model - actor in his films, music videos, fashion shows & shoots.



FTVWORLD is niche fashion OTT. Showcasing brands, fashion designers, models, actors, celebrities & socialities. Promoting the fashion beauty & lifestyle brands. Organising fashion shows & beauty pageant MISS FTVWORLD. Providing platform & opportunity to young talents in the field of modeling & acting. 

FTVWORLD.COM is a registered trademark under class 41 of the trade marks act, 1999, Government of India by proprietor Jitendra Gorekh Megh.



Where elegance, talent & inner beauty converge on a spectacular stage. With a legacy of celebrating grace & charisma, our pageant stands as a beacon of inspiration & empowerment.

Founded on the principles of inclusivity & diversity, MISS FTVWORLD is more than just a competition - its a platform that transcends boundaries, embracing contestants from various backgrounds, cultures & walks of life. Our commitment to showcasing beauty in all its forms sets us apart, fostering an environment where individuallity is celebrated. 

At the heart of MISS FTVWORLD is a dedication to talent and the pursuit of excellence. From the dazzing runway displays to the awe-inspiring talent segments, we provide a stage for contestants to shine in their unique ways. Our pageant isn't just about outward appearence; it's a journey that unveils the inner beauty, strength & resilience that define each participant. 

With every edition, MISS FTVWORLD continues to evolve, adopting to the everchanging landscape of beauty & fashion. Our commitment to innovation is reflected in the seamless blend of tradition & contemporary trends, ensuring that our associate brands & audience experiences a pageant that is both timeless & on the cutting edge. 

Join us as we celebrate beauty, talent & the pursuit of dreams. MISS FTVWORLD - INDIA 2024 invites you to witness the magic, be inspired & become part of a community that believes in the transformative power of beauty in all its dimensions.