1. MISS FTVWORLD is a beauty pageant contest event for participation by adult Indian unmarried females between the age group 18 to 28 years residing in India. 

2. The applicant should have a valid proof of identity, age & address hence Aadhaar card & or passport is must. 

3. After receipt of the application, the applicant will be informed about the audition process (offline or online) and the applicant has to comply with the requirements to qualify for selection process. 

4. After succesful complition of audition process the selected candidate will become contestants by signing the contest agreement. 

5. The contestant will have to retain her mobile number, email id, residential address till the complition of national grand finale show. In case of any change the contestant shall inform the organiser immediately. 

6. The contestant has to be mentally & physically fit at all the time else will be disqualified.

7. The contestant/s parents, relatives, friends etc will not be allowed nor entertained during the entire process of the contest event. However the organiser may give invitation card of the grand finale show to attend the show. 

8. Our judges / jury's decision will be final & binding. No further communication regarding the result will be entertained.

9. There is no participation fees or any charge/s for application & or participation in MISS FTVWORLD - INDIA 2024.

10. FTVWORLD & organiser/s reserves absolute rights to accept & or reject any application & or contestant at any point of time without giving any reason/s whatsoever and the applicant / contestant agrees to the same. 

11. The organiser/s, FTVWORLD & their associate/s, brands have the absolute right/s to use the photograph/s & videography phootage/s of the applicant / contestant in any manner without taking any approval / conscent of the applicant / contestant for commercial & or non commercial purpose on perpetual basis free of cost on promotional basis and the applicant / contestant will have no claim whatsoever. 

12. The selected contestant for MISS FTVWORLD - INDIA 2024 may have to bear their own expenses for their travel, stay, food, training & grooming etc. to confirm their participation as contestant. However the organiser / FTVWORLD may consider sponsoring any candidate at their sole discretion. 

13. The organiser/s & FTVWORLD have absolute right to introduce / bring in any new contestant/s at any stage of the contest event of MISS FTVWORLD - INDIA 2024 as "wild card entry".

14. The selected contestant has to follow dicipline, punctuality, good behaviour, well manner and etiquette at all the times and should not carry any illigal or banned article/s, item/s or substance/s during the entire process of contest event and should have a valid ID card at all times.

15. FTVWORLD & its organiser/s will not be responsible for any loss, harm, or damage (if any) towards the applicant / contestant in any manner and the applicant / contestant agrees to the same.

16. MISS FTVWORLD - INDIA 2024 is subject to force majeure conditions.

17. FTVWORLD & its organiser/s have absolute rights to add, ulter, remove, modify, change any of the terms & conditions and event date, time, venue, format, procedure and the applicant / contestant agrees to the same. 

18. In case of any dispute the court of Mumbai shall have exclusive jurisdiction and the applicant / contestant agrees to the same. 

19. By applying for MISS FTVWORLD - INDIA 2024 contest event it is considered that the applicant has read the terms & conditions and agrees to all the terms and conditions. 

20. For any communication the email ID is :